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Type manager is a superb parsing package for TypeScript which will help you to transform JSON strings or plain objects directly into class instances. No more need for unsafe JSON.parse and JSON.stringify functions. Forget about manual mapping and limitations. We support data transformations, circular references, naming conventions, generic and polymorphic types. Parsing never was so fun and easy.

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Entity store is an abstraction layer for TypeScript to work with any kind of backend API or other datasource through the model reflection. It's pretty like ORM but depending from the entity provider it can work either in the browser or server. It supports decorators or declarative configuration and aims to simplify reflection, saving, filtering, sorting and pagination when dealing with entity mapping.

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Enumeration is a small but powerful package which brings support for type safe enums into TypeScript. Besides it provides you polymorphic support similar to regular classes to avoid switch cases and write better code.

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